:pl: :saints: Saints v Brighton and Hove Albion :brightonfc: (Live on :prime_video_logo:)

:saints: v :brightonfc: Live on Amazon Prime

First PL game after the WC

And Brighton couldn’t beat Charlton

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We’re gonna lose then

Think that’s what my Superbru pick says I think.


Watched the Prime preview of the game- everyone predicted a Brighton win… :roll_eyes:

Enjoy watching the smug shits lose face when we win.

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Alternatively load VPN & watch this

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This is what’s wrong with us. We always assume we’ll win but only sigh when the inevitable loss happens :roll_eyes:


Speak for yourself!

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A Sutton says :-

Southampton v Brighton

Southampton are another team with a new manager after appointing Luton boss Nathan Jones, but I am not convinced they will stay up, regardless of the decision to replace Ralph Hasenhuttl.

I might be proved wrong come May but I actually think they would have a better chance of avoiding relegation if they had stuck with Hasenhuttl.

Saints have got a pretty kind run of games coming up, with Fulham and Nottingham Forest next after Brighton, and they really need a ‘new manager bounce’ to pick up some wins from those fixtures.

I am not sure they will get one of them here, though. Brighton play with a bit of freedom under Roberto De Zerbi, and they always look like scoring goals.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-2

Chesney’s prediction: 2-3

Is anyone excited for this or just full of dread like me?


Trying so hard to stretch out a tour when everything is shut today.
Getting very worried I will be home in time

Bring it on! Gotta see where we at. Managed to catch the cup game and like anything in life, diametric change from toxic to anew and better overnight. Most of the hangover, it seems to me at least, is in the players heads.

IF the can believe they can not only survive but thrive, they will. If they keep looking over their shoulders at ghosts in their minds, they shall not


I have never understood our managers not playing Stuart Armstrong, right the way back when he first came.
My suggestion would be, if he doesn’t fit into the system you want to play, then don’t use that system - pick a system where he does fit in.
I think the stats may show this to be a good suggestion.


I’m using it as pre announced time to shut myself away from visitors

I see Spurs are currently being, well, Spursy

Brentford 2:0 Spurs

🫣 #bangaverage

This inspires me with zero confidence

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No Lavia, no hope - as per…

This team really is total dogshit, sure we’ll fluke a win now to spite me but just such minimal quality across the board

Attacking front three, changed from the normal. Positive