:pl: :saints: Saints v Brentford :brentfordfc:

:saints: v :brentfordfc:

  • :saints: buoyed by the result at Old Trafford, however our goal shy strikers make hard work of it, :saints: to win.
  • Toney does what Toney does best, :brentfordfc: to win at a canter
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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I know it would be very easy to get our hopes up on this one after some better displays of late, but we are still struggling to score and will need at least two in my opinion to beat Brentford. We’ve achieved that once in the league since August (where we did it 3 times!).

We may even need 3 which we’ve not done all season.

Hopefully I’m being completely pessimistic, and it’ll be a rerun of last season when we thumped them 4-1!

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We won 4-1 because I was there.
No chance to do that this year

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Now is a good time for the CPS to get medieval with Toney regarding that betting scandal


…or for us to bung him a few quid ourselves.


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I shall miss this - am in the pub. Happy days.

Too much confidence about.
We are Saints ffs

Warming up for the game in The Cricketers. Staying down here this week for the back to back games


The Rising Sun by St Paul’s

@SO5-4BW knows this I believe

Repeating my trick which led to the Leicester win - not attending again.

Will be back on Saturday. Probably


Pool league night tonight, won’t be watching either.



Would rather see Lavia there


Must have a knock

And boom, there goes the confidence.
Aviation & Walcott - managing minutes

He’s on the bench

Shit 7:30 kick off