Saints V Athletic Club Bilbao Pre Season Friendly

On Sunday 7th August at 3PM.

Tickets for Season Ticket holders are priced from £8 for Adults, £5 for

Over-65s and 18-21 year olds and £1 for Under-18s.

Who is up for this and hopefully a few beers in the sun?

£8 is totally worth it. Wherever we end up, I’ll probably incorporate a trip to the Bookshop Alehouse before or after.

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At least someone replied! Way too much religion and politics on this site. It’s not as if anything interesting is happening.


Get your beer drinking heads on, get to the football and get it shut muthafukkas!


Typical, my bloody wife has decided to book a holiday for this week. Much as I’d love to make the trip back from Welsh Wales I don’t think my cojones would stay attached if I did!!

£8 really was a bargain

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