:pl: :saints: Saints v Arsenal :arsenalfc: (Live on Sky)

:saints: v :arsenalfc:

  • :saints: 0 - 0 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 1 - 0 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 2 - 0 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 3 - 0 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 0 - 1 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 1 - 1 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 2 - 1 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 3 - 1 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 0 - 2 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 1 - 2 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 2 - 2 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 3 - 2 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 0 - 3 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 1 - 3 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 2 - 3 :arsenalfc:
  • :saints: 3 - 3 :arsenalfc:
  • A :saints: win of some sort
  • :arsenalfc: to jam a last minute winner
  • this has draw written all over it

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This has now been moved due to Arsenal’s fixture congestion, no date has been set yet, watch this space.

Obviously the coronavirus fear experiment saw fit to the original fixture!!

So, they’re coming thick and fast now. Arsenal have had a few injuries in their first psot-lockdwon match where they were “thrashed” by City, Saints looked fitish in their drubbing of Norwich, how will this one pan out?

Anyone else submit a picture or words of encouragement for this match?

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Unfortunately the Burnley v Watford game, which kicks off at the same time, is on Sky One and Pick so you’ll have to find some dodgy streams to watch this one (if you don’t have a Sky sub that is).


Leno stretchered off at Brighton. Can’t see him being fit for Thursday.

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Lol - everyone has fallen into the same trap as me

One result against the worst team in the league and we think we can win it all

That said the arse do seem quite crap right now


Will David Luiz be available? :crossed_fingers:t3::pray:t2::crossed_fingers:t3::pray:t2::crossed_fingers:t3:

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Arsenal really “have” to win this game. So they probably will.


“Cedric Soares, who has yet to play a game for us and may never will if we go on like this, was hit by a ball in training and has a broken nose (sorry, nasal fracture) and will return in a couple of weeks as well.”

Oh dear, never mind.


Mezut Ozil worldy moment masterclass inbound no doubt

Don’t know what happened there but I think it’ll be 1-1.

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Change your vote then, hit the show vote button and you can vote again…

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I voted 3-1, i have a good feeling about this one.

Gwen Dozy (sp) has got off scot free.


Yeah but good enough for me to renew my season ticket for 20/21 this morning in a fit of optimism. :lou_lol: