Saints on MOTD

Lots about academy, Pelligrino and prowsey


The Premier League Show @cellone ?


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Said MOTD on the information. It was still good and Pelligrino and the promo boys reiterated what I said a few weeks back so I’m a happy cell, single or otherwise. The amoeba was the inspiration for the name. I like it’s simplicity.

Is there already a thread discussing the show? Apple ogies if so.

I think you’ve probably realised by now simple works well here.

Nope no other thread, just us Billy no mates…

I saw some of that. I saw the interview with Prowsey & Redman. The general air of optimism and mutual backslapping seemed a pretty clear attempt to troll the fkn dumbasses on Saintsweb. I will prob go check it out later. “What the fuck does Redman have to be so fkn happy about? He ain’t scored in 5 games useless cunt! How can Prowsey say we done good recruitment! What about Osvaldo! Forren! Ramirez! He’s only happy cos if we signed someone half decent the useless prick would be on loan at fkn bolton or somewhere”


But Redmond is shit though, Bear.

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I reckon he’s good enough to play for Saints FC. Mark my words! Someday we will look back over Redman’s SFC career, and you will be saying, meh, he was pretty average.