Saints Nostalgia Thread

I have just been sorting out the attic and opened a bag with all my Saints tops in. I did not realise how many I had, but also unsure where my Denmark style one has gone with number 9 on the back. But still not bad considering I stopped buying them a good 7/8 year ago.

Also been through lots of other Saints related programmes and fanzines. Thought it would be good to post in here.

Would love to see some of the old stuff you lot have knocking around the house! :blush:


Time for a trip to Siem Reap & donate them to Travel Mush for the local Saints Massive out there in Cambodia.

That’s where mine went. I’m happy they are getting use, at least 3 kids can get inside 1 shirt!

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A couple of milestones


Shit result but a memorable Sotonians gathering

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Was a very emotional game for someone who had just started going regularly 87/88.


Its another David Peach at the back we need.

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Some paper fanzine covers from the great Ugly Inside.

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