Saints more popular in Senegal than the UK

This interactive map (that I couldn’t get to work on a mobile browser) attempts to show each Premiership team’s popularity in different countries around the world.

It’s flawed, badly flawed because it works from Facebook ‘likes’. Hence Saints’ being more popular in Senegal, Egypt, Ethiopia, Croatia, etc.

But I think some of those countries show the impact that signing foreign players can have on the global reach of the ‘business’.

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Globally, these are the most popular teams by “likes” in each country.

Cough. Erm. At least “We support our local team”

OK, it’s the South Coast Derby!

But which is the bigger team?

Southampton (Purple) v Bournemouth (Cyan).

Ties to be played on the 5th January, Saints at home.

I wonder where the Nicaraguan support for City/Ukrainian support for Spurs comes from? Surely not Rebrov in the case of the latter!

Senegal are probably the most popular African nation in Southampton with the Liverpool games round the corner.

I notice we’re very popular in Uruguay or most probably were…when Ramirez signed. How up to date is this survey? :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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Don’t know, 'slowlane.

My assumption here is that it might well be very recent, but it probably takes into account a lot of old statuses on Facebook. Hence we’re still basking in Gaston’s reflected glory.

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