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Anything, ANYTHING, to get off the social integration topic:





bit worried bout if we’re paying Equal wages tbh. Heard a rumour that Cocoa Martina (blk) earns less than See Saws (white), even tho they do Same Job, and that both of them earn more than Cleaning Lady (chick). Hardly likely to promote integration?



ur link is fkd up also Dumbass



It just ain’t Saintly.



@themightyostrich here is the proper link for you :- Financial Results








Teach me to copy and paste from another website and not the actual link. What a dumb fuck.

Interesting about the spend-more-than-we-made quote, but I have a hunch that the selling figure might not include bonuses for appearances/goals/internationals etc. At least I hope so as otherwise the media have been telling porkies about the fees we’ve been selling our players for!



I heard that the players from the womens team are paid significantly less than their male counterparts even though they do exactly the same job - EXACTLY THE SAME JOB! It’s a disgrace.



Might shut up some of those no name Vietnamese hill tribe types on Twitter who rant about where money has gone



Im pleased the Echo artical mentions we are going to pay the Libeherr Group {or whatever they are called now for tax reasons} back part of their loan. They deserve the money they will earn from the Southampton FC investment. Things must be tough. That nasty criminal Russian bloke at Chelsea was stupid enough to make donations to the club at look at the mess they are in now since we nabbed thier best player in the 70s.

Im sure the money they make will either go into the Saints Foundation or help get all the casual staff onto minimum wage. I can’t wait for that news and then I can get my shrine out again and start worshiping



FIrst of @newyorksaint Abromavich’s “invest” into Chelsea isn’t a donation! True as long as he owns the club he doesn’t want that money back but you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as he sells the club he will take that money back.

Secondly, due to FFP, clubs can no longer do what Abromovich and the Man City lot did and invest huge amounts of money in the playing staff by paying huge fees.

Thirdly the article doesn’t say that Katrina is going to take £11m back that she has “donated” to the football club, rather the option is there.

Rogers, who insisted that confidentiality agreements means he is unable to discuss the reports of potential outside investment in the club, did also agree that the debt level at the club is too high.

Though it is manageable, Saints had to borrow to offset the losses such as those suffered in the transfer market in 2013-14.

Katharina Liebherr has also loaned money, and the accounts have thrown up the option for her to be repaid £11m this year.

“When we spoke two or three years ago we always said the level of debt was going to grow in order to arrest the cash outflows happening within the business, we had to do that, we had to stabilise the club, to make it sustainable and grow the revenue to how the club was going to develop going forward,” explained Rogers.

“At some point in time when we spoke back then we had to arrest that level of debt.

“We can’t continue with the level of debt the club has compared to its turnover. It’s not healthy, it’s not right for the club to continue to operate with a £62m debt level.

“Next year we will end up with turnover much higher than at the moment because of the new broadcasting contracts, but it’s too high and not healthy for the club to continue with that going forward.

“However we reduce the debt, and whoever that debt is reduced against, we can’t continue that moving forward.”

Echo article here for those interested



First - Of course

Second - There are more ways to skin a cat and still get a good dinner

Third - I dont understand your point. It says for her to be repaid.



Third - Nope, it says the option is there for her to be repaid not that she will be repaid. I’m sure they’d rather pay of the Bermudan loan sharks first…

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Are we now paying the living wage?



Apparently not, according to Fonte



To the playing staff?

Not compared to some other premiership outfits…




Has Alpine or Glasgow moved to New York recently? Just wondering like…



That new york bro does seem to be complaining about something, but I’m not sure exactly what. I think he’s being irony, but it’s sometimes hard for us brits to keep up with subtle american ironies.



Detailed explanation of our published accounts to June 2018 here. Undermines a few #angryfans assertions that the club is being milked by the owner.


:bird: The Southampton Tweets thread

This can’t be right. Barry said that Gao and Kat were milking the club for every penny.