:saints: Saints Exhibition at SeaCity Museum

So before attempting to poison myself with alcohol on Friday, I went to the Saints exhibition at the SeaCity Museum.

It’s not massive and the amount of content for the different eras is patchy but I really enjoyed it.

They’ve also got an installation where your picture is taken and automagically ‘photoshopped’ into a picture from Saints’ history.

Bletch with hair…

£3.50 (I think!) to get in and an hour to get round if you take your time.


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That photshopping is fab. :joy:
I recommended this somewhere else I think. Mainly as my sister works for the museums and they really do need people go to them.

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Tbf, I had you down as 2nd from left of McMenemy


That’s about right but taller and much more beautiful. Think Grant Mitchell crossed with Sinead O’Connor.

I now have a horrible picture of Grant Mitchell with boobs…

Yeah, that’s it.

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