Saints Coaching in US

Nice to see the article on the BBC. Must mean they’ve collared the market and it’s a clever initiative. Now all they have to do is do it with referees, coaches (if that’s not an offshoot of the main project specifically) and get a seat on the board that determines policy for footy in the US and no doubt sell us all their ‘successes’ in years to come.

Baltimore, eh? The club obviously wants more dangerous corners.

Yes don’t forget who brought Football to Brazil…we have a reputation of teaching The World…only for them to crap all over us using our own teaching methods :lou_angry:

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I keep forgetting about this site. Australia, Brisbane, Sheffield Utd, obligatory shirt buying. I might even write a strongly worded email to the club asking them to do something over here. There’s some talented players over here. I do wonder whether the Terry Butcher style of playing in combination with tikka-takka should be explored.

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