Saints are 4th in the pre-season league table

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Premier League 2015 pre-season table: every club ranked by results

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The Premier League season kicks off on 8 August 2015 and you can stream games live on talkSPORT.

Until then, football fans are being fed a daily diet of transfers news – again, get all the latest from talkSPORT – and pre-season games.

But which clubs have performed best as they prepare for the Premier League?

Taking into account all games played in the build up, including European qualifiers, we’ve added up the wins and draws to award points, Premier League-style, taking into account goal difference as well to rank the clubs.

Of course, some teams have faced tougher games and clubs have played different numbers of matches, but it makes interesting reading to see how they have fared in pre-season.

Which club do you think has enjoyed the best pre-season? Comment below…


Saints have had the 4th best pre-season record in this completely meaningless league table.

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Wow…I’m so excited to hear that…in a meaningless kind of way.

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My meaningless, dull, boring life has just become a little less tedious…

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In your opinion.

I’m in an existential crisis. Am I the harbinger of doom? Or a wuss?

The early friendlies were something of a superficial worry. Conceding too many goals, or in the case of the Audi tournament, no goals at all.

We have been pretty solid from the Gronigen game thereafter.

But that happens every year. Every time I watch a pre season game I think - oh crap were in trouble this year.

Furball’s reasons to worry are very valid. But we’ve had more reasons to worry before. I suspect it’s more a case of - how can we possibly keep getting away with this!

I’m feeling gullibly positive, but then I’m like that with everything! :slight_smile:

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The next couple of European qualifiers are going to set the tone of the season. Make it through, and I genuinely think that is going provide huge opportunities for the club. If you’re an academy player, you know that your chances of getting game time has just increased. If you’re a fan, it’s the opportunity to see a bit of the world. For our first-teamers, it’s valuable experience. It’s probably hyperbole to refer to those qualifiers as season-defining, but a lot of people are going to be collectively deflated if we don’t make it.