Saint-cd v lifeintheslowlane (POR v SPA) Fri 15th June 7pm (BBC)

It’s the newcomer versus the Beetle owner.

Probably the first quality match of the tournament - Portugal - surprisingly dour v Spain - surprisingly mangerless-ish.

@saint-cd v @lifeintheslowlane .

Likely teams, players to watch, predictions and any Saints players to look out for, please.

I think it will take a matter of minutes for Sergio Ramos to “accidentally” end Christiano Ronaldo’s World Cup.

Ramos got a lot of undeserved bad press after his tangle with Mo Salah in the Euro Cup Final. Anyone outside of the city of Liverpool will tell you it was Salah who targeted Ramos and it was when, as a result of his foul play, Ramos fell heavily on the scouse git to end his participation in the game…hoist by his own petard.

Ramos is pivotal in the Spannish Tapas like defense…a little bit of physicality here, a little bit of skill there. Each tasty element going to make a whole uncompromising melange. In the run-up to the finals Spain conceded just 3 goals in 10 games.

The strongest factor in who wins this game is that Paul Merson has tipped Portugal to win. Need I say more.

Footnote: Jose Fonte could start in the centre of Portugal’s defense…2 year plus past his best. I strongly suspect he will give away at least 2 penalties to give Spain a winning start.



Proper revved up for it



Mrs LITSL has prepared some Tapas for the game this evening. She did ask if I wanted her to get some San Miguel for the game but I drew the line there. I’ve instead revived an old English custom, the Waitrose delivery this morning includes a Watney’s Party Seven…


I’m not worthy … I’ve rung Lickle Cedric and Toss pot Fonte Baby and we’ve arranged to throw the game @undefined

I hope you’ve got a Sparklets beer tap for the Watneys.

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Gav is coming round this afternoon and is going to set-up an intravenous drip for the duration. I had a dozen “Party Sevens” delivered this morning. I’m hoping they will carry me thought the group stages.

Too much foreign cheese in that for it to be a Spanish tapas, scratch that, it’s got cheese in it, can’t be tapas…


Settled in. Adnams Ghost Ship free flowing. BBC iPlayer is showing the match on ultra hd. What’s not to like ?

Even Lickle Cedric looks like he’s ready for it.

Sorry to announce that Fonte is still wearing that horrendous moustache cum goatee thing … twat



Opened the Party Seven and rigged up the intavenous drip…ready for action.


I am drinking Ronmiel Aguere vintage.

It’s a win for @lifeintheslowlane

Just saying …

Wow, party 7’s - blast from the past!

My kids don’t understand it when I tell them that I have one instead of a 6 pack…

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COSTA…great goal…cracking finish. Game on!

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De Gea cock-up gives Portugal a lead… 2 - 1 HT

Costa a simple tap-in for 2 - 2

Good game this

Not a bad strike