Saint CD v Bletch. Portugal v Morocco ko 1pm BBC

Ronaldo’s Portugal take on the pointless Moroccans.

Let’s make this interesting @saint-cd , Portugal win and I pledge another £5 to the poorly children, any other result sees you pledge £5.

Hows that sound?

The ONLY reason I feel confident enough to make this offer is that my boys are going to make a Ronaldo Tagine tomorrow and then we’ll all sit down and pass round a big fat hubbly bubbly pipe.

Feel free to tell me that you’ve donated enough to the poorly children and that would be completely understandable.

Although everyone will, from that day forward, think you’re a front bottom*.

* Bletch toned this down in case Seedy Junior reads this thread


Like taking candy from a baby. Bring it on. CR7 won’t let me down. COYP


What a coont that man is.

2 match threads again ?

He’s a coont on that one as well.

Did you miss my female commentator comments? Hard work coming up with something that isn’t deemed all Alan Sugarist

Maroc giving this a good go here. Decent side

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What a save by the Portugal keeper Gordon Banks esque

What did I say … time to pay up Mr B. I believe five of your fancy pounds are required into Goat’s retirement crowd fund.

C’mon CR7

Bletch has paid his dues. That new blouse will have to wait.

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