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:soccer: Safe standing coming back?


But is that down to stadium design?

IIRC before the Dell closed there wasn’t supposed to be standing and the atmosphere was good.

Is it more the fact that the people who would make the atmosphere have been priced out of going to football…


i’d say terracing, Celtic fans says its improved no end.




OK, for the record I’m not against it, but why would safe standing suddenly become the panacea for the atmosphere at football grounds.

Surely it’s more down to the supporter rather than the manner in which they’re watching the game?


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Atmosphere young Bearsy, Celtic fans are loving it.

But is that not precisely what Bearsy has eloquently described. Is not atmosphere a synonym for the euphoria one experiences when thrust up against your comrades to the extent that you can feel the blood rushing to each other’s extremities in mutual pant dampening admiration. Is that not what football is really all about. Standing alone is not atmosphere. I can stand anywhere. It is the thrilling tease that at any moment the repulsively common man stood 3 rows in front and I might throw off the shackles of normality and engage upon a journey into each other’s sex. Is that not what standing at football is really all about?


Isnt the term “safe standing” an oxymoron when it comes to football crowds. I am not sure how it works, but if it is anything like it was before then the crush barriers have proved they dont work.


As my good friend SWDP points out, Safe Standing is more about donning a prophylactic device before entering the terraces, than referring i.e. crushing injuries. Whatever else you say about All Steater stadiums, they have cut down on the spread of sexually communicable diseases amongst football fans. I only know maybe 3 or 4 bros on here who have contracted Aids since the Taylor Report.


Tokes is dead, long live SWDP!

Bearsy is more himself when paired with the Dove’s splatter.


I miss Tokes :lou_sad:


Sky Sports News HQ@ SkySportsNewsHQ 12m12 minutes ago

BREAKING: Premier League clubs agree to further talks on safe standing in stadiums following meeting today. # SSNHQ


I’m not sure what the fuss is all about, there are areas of SMS that have had safe standing for years, with the occasional relief of an enforced sit down.


This site is hardly current affairs, I posted this a week ago.


The had a brief discussion on it today, as I pointed out last week, they have now decided to have longer discussions on it…

Dan Johnson, Premier League director of communications, said there had been a “softening” on the topic of standing, citing Celtic’s 3,000 ‘rail seats’ at Celtic Park as a good example of safe standing.

“Maybe at some clubs it might be how do we create an atmosphere and maintain it,” said Johnson. "But I think a lot of it is to do with listening to their fans and hearing they’re interested in looking at it.

"It is very early stages. It’s a very emotive subject still, we’re acutely aware of that. A number of our clubs do want to discuss it so it’s on the agenda.

"We will discuss that but beyond that the only thing I can see happening at these early stages is a scoping exercise, talking to interested stakeholders - including fans’ groups and Hillsborough families, but also talking with the government because the legislation is still in place for all-seater stadiums.

“I know it will create discussion, but it’s a long road and it might not necessarily lead to the introduction of safe standing.”

Clubs have tasked the Premier League with examining safety, fan, technical and legislative issues before further discussions based on the facts can take place.


Of course they will, I did mention all this last week, you were going on about if I recall, listen to Bazza son I’ll see you right.


I think if standing comes back, many lusting after improved atmosphere will be disappointed. The ‘atmosphere’ pre Hilsborough was more to do with the heightened sense of tribalism and constant undercurrent of it kicking off … At most clubs in part due to seating, in part because of cost and in part because it was about fucking time the dickheads left the game to fans , the grounds are less ‘charged’ - so it takes more to create that hairs on back of neck adrenalin moment

creating a decent atmosphere has fuckall to do with standing - it’s about how much the crowd gets involved. The atmosphere in the 4-3 v Norwich back when we were relegated in 2005 was amazing…


Football was better back then granted but no excuse why the atmosphere couldn’t be improved, cheaper tickets for locals kids would be a start. How many prawn snadwiches in the game now? They disgust me.


Me too.

Much prefer Crayfish.


Did an interview with this geeky guy earlier about this issue for Sky. He had his own lockable seat, which he brought with him


Atmosphere? Reminds me of the time a rather intoxicated Uncle Eric got his cock out at his mothers funeral and began singing Russ Abbott’ ‘Atmosphere’ - well it certainly created one… how we all laughed…


What a load of pony Baz. If you think standing will lead to cheaper seats you’re deluded, and this “prawn sandwich” stuff is just bollocks. What % of the gate is hospitality ,fuck all. Yet they disgust you. You should aim your disgust at the plums that persist in leaving early, no matter what the score is. If we’re 1up sat and the board goes up with 3 mins , they’ll still be people streaming for the exits.