Sa(i)n(t) Pellegrino - 3 year deal


He looks a lot younger than he did when he was at Citeh. Old photo? grecian 2000?



Yeah he has definitely been using his tinder photo for job hunting.

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With me continuing to coach from the stands :laughing: this boy Pellegrino could take us to the moon and back :astonished:

He will have to stand alone during parts of games… as I have to concentrate my attention on some of those stooooopid match officials we get at St Marys. :slight_frown:

Good luck fella Pelli :laughing:

COYS :innocent:


At long last the hour cometh.

First job is bitch slapping Virge into showing some gratitude.

Go MaPe

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Someone on FB said it saves money on the kit costs as there’s probably a few tracksuits still lying around with MP still on them.


Probably looking forward to being at a club that wants him, cannot believe how city treated him. My god, I will NEVER live this down…

… and quite rightly so, I would not expect anything less!


How many games will Bazza give him ?


Yeah. It was fuckwittery of the highest order tbf



Welcome Mauricio!

Let me be the first to say…

Mauricio Pellegrino? More like Mauricio What-Does-He-Know.


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I love this air of optimism I can feel, a new season, freshly cut grass, friendlies in the sunshine, new signings in new kit, it’s good to be alive!! :cool:

Just a pity this feeling only lasts until his first defeat or when VVD leaves.

It’s gonna be a long season… :slight_frown:

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I am staying positive :laughing:all these new signings being talked about :laughing:

Ronaldo, Messi,Bonnucci,Mpabbe, Mendy, Costa etc :wink: excuse any spellin mistakes :kiss:

Who will we really get in…possibly a couple of U21 players…ie Chelsea lads when VVD turns up at the Bridge.

Christiansen, Chalobah,Baker, Swift etc or even Murphy from Norwich.

Some really good players at Peelegrinos old club Alves…spellin again is awful :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Reserving judgement, that pic does him no favours…


Feel positive about this appointment - think he’s got a tough job on his hands to win the fans round and live up to what Pochettino has achieved to date in the Prem but I reckon he’s got enough about him to do it!


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Probably until half time in the Brentford friendly…


Guillem Balague gives his take on Pellegrino.

A good watch if you’ve got a few minutes.

I remember watching an interview with Balague about Pochettino on the day we sacked Nigel. He basically said we as fans should be excited about him. Several years on and I think few would disagree with that assessment.

I get the impression that he actually knows what he’s talking about, unlike much of the other sky sports pundits/experts. He also clearly understands the way in which Saints are structured.

So, as somebody who doesn’t know much about the new gaffs, I’m gunna trust his opinion.

I already feel more positive about him than I did Claude so hopefully that goes to show something!


Roll up for gloomy doom-monger bingo - a game for miserable fucks of all ages.

He doesn’t know the Premier League.

Club has gone for the cheap option.

Not impressed with his signings.

Puel had more points last season from those games.

We should have appointed Sean Dyche/Sam Allardyce/ Eddie Howe.

Why did he take off Tadic?

He seems to think the league is more important than the Caraboa Cup.

We should have bought a sixth centre back.

The language barrier is a problem.

Why didn’t he go all out attack at Stamford Bridge?

He doesn’t know his best team.

We’ll be lucky to finish 17th.

Those two can’t play together up front.

Club is not showing ambition.

Some players aren’t buying into his vision.

At least Claude was more interesting in press conferences.

The ownership situation is causing unrest.

and wait for it…(drum roll)

He’s lost the dressing room!

Tick em off folks.

You should have a full card by mid-September.


One for you @sfcsim :wink:


If you go on SWF, you’ll probably have a full card by mid-afternoon tomorrow.


I’m both pleased and excited by this appointment. The football reasons should be plain enough in themselves, and the Guillem Balague interview above (for which many thanks, @simon-says ) make them even more so. But above and beyond all that schemozzle, we obviously have to consider his looks. OK, so he’s no Marco Silva, but he has a brooding intensity coupled with chiselled, masculine features.

I think we can all agree that he’s the man for us.