:lou_facepalm_2: Rumour : Chris Coleman linked to :saints: job

Please can we win against Everton on Saturday, please

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Don’t believe this for a second. His in laws live locally. Someone has spotted him and concluded he is taking over at st Mary’s.

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Think that’s about the size of it, let’s hope so. He’s been out of work for a while since getting the sack from his last club in China, it’s possible his agent is doing a bit of dog whistling.

How do I report offensive content and threads again?


Nothing in his CV suggests he would do a better job than RH.

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The little flag icon under the post, gone on do it, I dare you :slight_smile:

He was spotted more than a week ago in a supermarket, jokes were made then.

We are not in need of Mark Hughes/Sam Allardyce panic signings YET.

I saw him in Winchester last year. Negotiations can drag on i suppose.


Ah but has his yacht been seen in Ocean Village Marina??

That’s for owners only @BTripz as we know when Gao’s Junk was seen in Southampton.

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Nellie’s or Jisheng’s :man_shrugging:

smells fishy to me so obviously Nellie’s

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