Rumbled you Papster

Rumbled you Papster


MOD EDIT: Just paste the text of the address of the image on a line on its own, @ericofarabia. You don’t need to link to it using the :link: option.


You can take the boy out of the Flowers Estate, but…


This is not the fucking UI, @ericofarabia :smiley:


Good to see you back, @ericofarabia - has your PC been fixed at long last?


Oh, that’s nice. First time he posts on here in ages and…


Senile old git moment I’m afraid!! This was in response to Pap’s Mod Edit but has appeared miles away from it!! Fucking new fangled site!!


Mainly just closed season lack of giving a shit more than anything else … but now that the football season is back upon us, my appetite for posting total bollox on momgboards has returned!!


There is simply no way Eric can ever get his (lack of) PC fixed.
What the hell was that photo you put on FB today Eric? Jeez…


Oh, that’s nice. First time he posts on here in ages and … :rofl::


Aw c’mon Eric.

You do much of your forum business on the UI.

I never had anyone there pegged as thin-skinned*.

* Apart from Boris.


Not being thin skinned … just taking the piss out of Phil’s reply earlier … one moment all nice, next sticking the boot in :roll_eyes:
If anybody on here upsets me I’ll report him/her to The Mods … oh …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: