RSD: Charles Kennedy dies aged 55 Reactions?

Very sad news.

Never ever met him but he seemed to be a very likeable bloke.

Was it natural causes or suicide? That report seems to be hinting at the latter.

Same here Halo, I get the impression that we’re being prepared for news of a suicide.

Very, very sad.

He was one of the good guys. The word being used to describe him this morning that resonates most with me is ‘principled’, but flawed.

I’d be happy to be described as principled, but flawed when I go. Very happy.

He took a stance against the Iraq war, which Mr. Clegg has been dining out on for years.

And also voted against going into coalition with the Tories.

That’s enough for me.



Echo that, Bletch.

For me, the so-called flawed side of his character made him seem more human and accessible.

I remember the time when it was reported that he had been tipsy and caught smoking on a train. With almost any other politician my reaction would have been: ‘typical politician, one rule for them and one rule for us’, but with Kennedy it wasn’t; if anything it made me like him more. Strange, I suppose, really.


I’ve never really forgotten, nor forgiven the way that the Lib Dems threw him under a bus. Same thing with Menzies Campbell. I echo the views of bletch and halo. Decent fella with problems. He’ll be missed; 55 is no age.

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A very decent guy, a sad loss. It was a shame to see him the worse for wear on question time recently.

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Very sad news. An all round good egg, always liked him. 55 is no age.

I actually felt quite upset when listening to this news on the radio this morning - not how I’d feel on hearing of many other politicians’ deaths. Kennedy always seemed to be a decent man, who had principles and stuck to them - not remotely common among politicians at any time, least of all now.

As others have said, 55 really is no age at all - hell, it’s the same age as me.

Seemed like a decent fella and a good bloke. Funny on HIGNFY. RIP.

He was fucking right. Horrible lying cunts.


HIGNFY gave the bloke a decent send-off this week.