RSD: Alton Towers Crash

4 people seriously hurt in crash on ride at Alton Towers.

Never been a huge lover of rides, personally. I have anxiety issues at the best of times, stories like this help nothing. Hope everyone involved is ok.

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The Marmaliser itself is a spider-like structure that stands tall as the centrepiece of The Smiler, and the passing trains with it’s riders are subjected to a number of Marmalising effects that are triggered on each leg.


Duh!! I was thinking about Arundel Tower…I thought this was really old news!!! :blush:

Sounds like one of the passengers may have lost a leg. Pretty grim.

I was having a “discussion” with the missus about the wording used. They said “serious lower leg injuries” which would suggest breaks and fractures.

Loss of limb is usually termed “life altering injuries”!

yeah if it amputation they would have said i.e. that the person was in unstable condition

soz bad taste joke RIP