Rosberg Retires from F1

With immediate effect?? All over twitter and the BBC sports page so can only assume it’s true!!


BBC Sport@ BBCSport 2m2 minutes ago

" I have climbed my mountain, I am on the peak, so this feels right." Champion Nico Rosberg has retired from # F1

Must of been pushed. Maybe there was some thing dodgy going on.

Panic stations in the Coultard household. :lou_surprised:

I dont think so - I suspect he knows how hard it will be next year to beat Lewis, and having acheived his goal, made millions and has a young family, he is not prepared to take the risk



I think he deserved a title but he can’t face the thought of a couple of years trying to beat Lewis, especially if both cars are the same.

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Don’t blame him - given the risks… And not sure I could arsed either having the arrogant twat Hamilton as a team mate… Fast for sure but arsehole…

Bottas to replace him, quelle surprise.