Roger Federer is god

Roger Federer is god


Eighteen major titles, eight Wimbledon singles titles. Peerless.


Yeah, straight sets all the way as well. Then looked up at his kids and balled his eyes out. What’s not to like.

Nice afternoon of sport, with Hamilton winning as well.


Misread the title an thought you said he was good…

He’s ok.


Amazing, nothing more to say.


Bloody oldie parents coming over here winning our tennis trophies.



Fuck me federer must have been on steroids when he was 9 years old :lou_surprised:


I could comment on Gavstars comment but just think it’s better to say



Please do :lou_smiley:


I think labelling any sportsman as a god is a step too far.

Unless they have consistently produced moments of incredible skill that will stay with the viewer forever, while dedicating their whole career to one football club…


Not that I would link it to any comment, but over time I may have made the odd suggestion that googling Oregon Project may lead to a lot of news stories.

They pop up from time to time in unrelated areas, would have been a good task for an old fashioned investigative journo to dig into and ensure that no comments or God Forbid allegations were ever typed onto the interweb thingy.


Are you allegging that allegations have been made on this, or other sites regarding a certain individual or individuals’ achievements in a certain sport since he or she was a strapping full grown 9 year old in 1990? :lou_wink_2:



Or yes.

Or maybe.

Or was it a golf story.



Or maybe, just maybe, that photo of Federer isn’t from 1990. Tough call, that.


Sam thing as @dubai_phil but the gif is better


I’m not getting this. I dont think I have ever seen his mother on TV shows, yet Judy Murray pops a minor tennis ace out of her vag and she is all over the place. What gives?


Oh come on, everyone knows Fed Ex was the love child of the Doctor & River Song who was kidnapped by Thom Yorke and raised as a Creep


It might be that Judy Murray is the mother of a British tennis player and lives in Britain, whereas Federer’s mother is the mother of a Swiss tennis player and lives in a different country… though I don’t actually know where either of them live…


Judy is quite active in British tennis, she’s quite big in the LTA too and an active tennis promoter.

Not quite sure what Roger’s mum does for tennis, if anything…

“Minor tennis ace…”, you don’t like Andy then!! And what about his brother, Jamie, who has won several doubles titles and won the mixed doubles on Sunday?


Some Bstd Scottish twat beat a lovely lass from the home of Le God on Sunday so for all Saints fans is the Anti-Christ