RIP Prince Buster

RIP Prince Buster


Just heard about the death of a legend - Cecil Bustamente Campbell, better known as Prince Buster. Massive star, hugely influential, great loss.

I actually saw him live back in 1983, and although he only played a short set it’s something I’ll always remember. (Incidentally, Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown were on the same bill that day).

Listen to his songs, and consider the effect he had on Jamaican music fifty or so years ago (and on music way beyond Jamaica ever since); he was one of the greats, in any music. No messing. RIP Buster.




And, for good measure, a personal favourite:


…I’ve brought for you today a freedom man by the name of Brother Rico - now play - that is an order…



Sorry wrong Buster :slight_frown:


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Sorry wrong Buster :slight_frown:




I was out and about when Prince Buster went so apologies for being late about him being late - he inspired a generation of Ska bands, proper legend.

I have a 12 inch Al Capone somewhere - 1964?

Al Capone guns don’t h-argue…