Rip Leon

Just found out the sad news of Leon Russell’s passing. Member of the famed Wrecking Crew, producer , writer of such hits as Delta Lady , Song for you, Hummingbird & Groupie ( changed to superstar by the carpenters)This masquerade. He truly was a genius, forgotten about until Elton picked him up and got him into the Hall of Fame. He’s my avatar because he’s up there with the very best. My fav clip is him at the Bangladesh concert when he tore up jumping jack flash, but as you tube have taken it down and this one contains Claudia Lennaers arse , such a thing of beauty , it’s worth sharing.

RIP Leon


Having a Leonthon & a few beers tonight , came across this , Elton says it such much better than me. Some great songs he played on.

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Gotta admire a man who finds a look he likes and sticks to it his whole life. RIP Leon.

So thats what Father Christmas did for the rest of the year. RIP Santa

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