RIP Chuck Berry

RIP Chuck Berry


One of the very greats. Rock n Roll just wouldn’t be what it is without the influence of Chuck. Genius


RIP motherfucker


Fuck, assumed he had died ages ago. He must of been about 100, he wasn’t even a youngster back in the 50’s !!

A massive influence on guitar music and a complete bad ass cunt. RIP Chuck


This is a great clip. Chuck showing Keith Richards how to play Oh Carol & Keith looking like he’s gonna chin him.


Went to see him in the 90’s and he was ancient then . The one & only gig I’ve ever been to with no encore. He did 40 mins of hit after hit before lights went on and he fucked off.

Notorious for being tight & not going on stage until he was paid cash. Also never had a backing band, just hired a local one as it was cheaper. Jailed early in his career for taking a minor over state lines and as you say , a real bad ass


Invented the duck walk. Rock and roll owes him big time


Lucky enough to have seen the Legend when he opened the Original Hard Rock Cafe here almost 20 years ago.



Well worth a thread of his own. One of the absolute greats and, as Lord D says, rock and roll just wouldn’t have been the same without him. Apparently his notorious parsimony was largely a result of having been ripped off many times early in his career, though he may have always been a tight-fisted fucker.

Here’s a favourite clip of mine - Sweet Little Sixteen live at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1956, complete with a clarinet solo. Brilliantly atmospheric.


All the greats are getting old now. The Killers got to be next, he’s knocking on a bit.