Right funsters, you've served your time

Play nice and I’ll allow you back in.

Edited thread title for our younger viewers :lou_wink_2:


Community forum doing what a community forum does best…

I was just thinking this morning that I missed @Barry-Sanchez’s snowflake comments on the matchday thread…

Whilst I have been away I bet its been non stop posts with new posters and old alike flocking to this forum for wide and varied opinion and high brow gossip, hold on…

As flounces go yours has got to be the shortest, I thought you’d have more staying power Baz :lou_wink_2:


No flouncing not my style, Pap banned me after I said I wasn’t posting here anymore, seemed a bit of a power trip but his forum so his rules etc etc.
I just wanting to see what discussions and philosophies were being discussed whilst I was away and to whether an echo chamber was being formed.

Well it seems opinions vary over reviews of some film called “Home Alone”…something to do with Christmas I think.
The knives are out already over this one…jump in if you feel so inclined Baz…you’ll find it in the “Christmas” thread. :lou_lol:

Did he give you a blimmin’ good smack on the bottom as well?

He did and his little red rocket was well hard…

If it was cold and wet that’s a good sign that he is healthy.


Yipee Kay Yay Kimosabee!