Right click and paste?

Right click and paste?


People always get arsy about links on pasting but how the fuck do you do it on here? Normally its right click and paste and hey fucking lovely but this? I am lost on this shite, I get a box of link crap and th paste box says some shit about out of date oranges or some shit, is this a browser thing or is it simply shit?

Love Barry xx


are you on your mobile or computer baz?


Ctrl and V simultaneously


thats on a PC


Sorry Baz I’ll elaborate.

Find the You Tube clip or whatever you want to post, right click on it and copy the link url.

Go to the sotonians new post box, click on it to show the cursor then press Ctrl + V simultaneously and hey presto, your url address will appear.

Then when you ‘Add Post’ the link will change to the video clip in the actual post

… hope this makes sense, I’m quite hammered


that’s on a PC anyway :lou_lol:


Fucking hell Bazza are you a bit backward?


And for us on shit Windows work phones Steve?





Don’t think that was what you meant Steve…



I Know where you’re going wrong and the easy solution(not bragging, pap had to show me) Barry. I will tell you if you promise not to post any videos from that fucking delusional idiot Peter Hitchens.



Laptop, Win 8.


Its only this website, I try to copy and paste and get that box and the only way I can see to add the url is via the incorrect way. Is it bacause I am running an old Win 8?


If you want to copy a link to a website, I copy the URL, go into the ‘insert/edit link’ option on the toolbar where you type in your posts, ctrl +v to copy the URL into the top box, then in the box that says ‘text to display’ you can delete the URL and change it to the subject matter. You don’t need to worry about the box that says ‘title’ or ‘target’ as far as I’m aware, then click ‘ok’ and the link should appear in the text box, allowing people to click on it and go to that webpage. That’s what I do anyway.




A thing of beauty that Gavstar, a pint for you when I see you mate.


Glad I could help :lou_smiley:


fuck me.


With detailed instructions from around twenty posters, @barry-sanchez will probably be able to do that.

Expect some discomfort as he gets it wrong, though.