Rep tips

Rep tips


Avid watchers of this site may have noticed Coxford_Lou and I rocket to the top of the leaderboards on account of the “Photogenic” badge, worth a whopping 20 points.

To get the badge, simply upload a photo or if you have already done that, visit your own profile page. You can do this by going to My Tools (top right) and then clicking "Edit ".

This is where the badge check is applied. You can verify that you’ve got it by looking at the Activity stream or the Leaderboard.


wHeRE iS mY 20 pTS pLS pAP


Bear, check the leader board. You is 2nd. Ahead of Coxford_Lou.


Oh ok Soz I was looking at This Week High Earners and in that one Lou is sitting on my face


I can’t determine whether that is wishful thinking or misdirection, Bear.


wHeRE iS mY 20 pTS pLS pAP



Ahead of Bearsy…again…


Ahead of Bearsy…again…

Dear lord, I’ve created a monster.


Thought I’d drag this thread to the top as proof positive that some things never change…ever.



And this comment will have been made after three weeks of much moaned about revolution :lou_sunglasses:


And my point was that the more things change, the more they stay the same.



You only get them when you can create aperfect circular avatar by first croping your pic to a square befor uploading - your ovals are offend my senses more than paps bold font selections… :lou_lol: