🥀 Remembrance Day v Coke Lorry

:wilted_flower: Remembrance Day v Coke Lorry



It seems that the Coca-Cola lorry is turning up in Exeter on Sunday as part of their annual UK Xmas commercialisation tour.

The event starts an hour after the armistice ceremonies.

The poppy nazis seem to be making some sort of argument that it’s disrespectful or something

I’m fully in favour for the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 to be “celebrated”.

I don’t particularly like Coca-Cola but they seem to be being reasonable about what they are doing, but I am annoyed by the holier than thou attitude being portrayed by the self appointed arbiter of what can and can’t be done on Sunday - even if he is a Labour MP.



Nothing about the Coca Cola Christmas Cunt Bus is reasonable.


No. But that wasn’t my point tbf.


Are you sure? Don’t things go better?


Well, the furore does dovetail rather awkwardly with the ads about the Great War fallen giving us the life we have today.

Which involves the centenary of the armistice in Exeter upstaged by a dubious soft drinks corporation.


Only upstaged because the self righteous poppy nazis decided it was an issue. It wouldn’t have been an issue if someone hadn’t decided it was.

Another example of society being able to use social media to stoke faux outrage.

And, I might add you jumping the band wagon with righteousnes indignation was a bit disappointing (OK I over egged that one)



Point of order.
Remembrance Day is not only Poppy Nazis as you call them. It is a global day of Remembrance. In Poland they remember the fallen as well as celebrating their Independence (100 years).
At Monte Casino there are fields of Poppies and there will be a major event/service tomorrow remembering the massive loss of Polish troops.

What is wrong with Exeter is that some MBA Marketing Intern has made an awful mistake of timing.


I’ve made my feelings on both the Coke Christmas shit and Remembrance very well known for a number of years.

I’m not a poppy nazi; don’t wear one. However, people lining up to show Remembrance are a very different crowd from the sort of twats that’d take their kids to see a corporate sponsored festive fat cunt with his magical soft drink rig.

The sugar-loaded kids that turn up early screaming for Santa might devalue the preceding Remembrance bit.


Ben Bradshaw is a cunt, ergo if he’s against it then I’m for it. One of those few politicians who I really, genuinely detest; I’ve got a healthy dislike for many of them, but I fucking hate Bradshaw.


Couldn’t agree more. In the league table of MPs who are self important twats, and there is stiff competition, Ben Bradshaw is Westminster’s Manchester City.




It really wouldn’t have hurt them to roll it out tomorrow.


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Epic Happy Birthday to Poland from down here