:pl: 🔻 :efl: Relegation Therapy Session? (Promotion Preparation...?)

Hi there - once upon a time I used to associate matchdays with drinking beer, mostly with people on here.

The football at SMS has been pretty shit since the 2017 league cup final TBH, so can’t blame any of you who aren’t going anymore (it’s been UNBELIEVABLY bad this season…), but in earlier years we did at least have a few beers, often the best part of the trip.

It occurs to me that the Liverpool game is on a Bank Holiday weekend and we could organise a proper end-of-season session (in past years at the South Western, Unity, Steam Town…)
It’d be good to salvage something from this shit season.

Let me know if interested. Otherwise I’ll do it on my own anyway…


Fucking excellent idea. I don’t think we’ve done a proper end of season piss up since 2019. Or was it earlier than that? Not sure if I fancy seeing Saints getting slaughtered, but I sure as hell fancy doing so myself.


I am a definite maybe. Not helpful I realise. I might be there at the game, in which case count me in for sure.


Not sure about the status of the Unity. They did go into administration and the taproom closed, but there has very recently been a buyout.

By Russell, the owner of Tappit Brewery and general coont. Supposed to be keeping the brewer and their equipment (ooh er, missus) although that was all rented. Haven’t heard when its re-opening.


Count me in

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On the subject of relegation, who do we want to drop with us? I’d be amused if it were Everton and Leicester, but I fear neither of those will succumb.

And it’ll be us, Forest and Leeds.

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Next relegation fixtures are Monday 8th, I can see us, everton and leicester all losing.

We may get a couple of draws but unless Selles lets loose no more than that
(As in dropping Moi)

Thought I’d bounce this one up the leader board, as the 28th May is fast approaching. I’ve been discussing with @SO5-4BW and we pondered Steamtown in deepest darkest Eastleigh as a venue. Decent boozer, close to the station for homeward trips.

We need this, people. We have sorrows to drown.


Do attendees have to go to the game as well? :grimacing:

Well, I’ve not been to a game all season, and I can’t say I’m planning on going to this one either. Straight to the pub for me.

That weekend is now known as moving weekend, i may or may not be able to make it.

I do like Steamtown though, think we won a pub quiz there when @NotBletch was just plain @bletch


At Bearded Theory festival so unfortunately can’t make this :frowning_face:

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Uhm, not sure beer will cure my relegation misery… but maybe a round of Golf (sorry @Polski_Filip is not invited)

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She’s no Paige Spiriniac



The scores are in. Steamtown gets all the votes, other venues none. Any questions regarding the veracity of the result should be addressed to Mr Lukashenko of Minsk.

@SO5-4BW and I will be there about 7:30pm. If any others wish to join us we’ll be delighted. We’re miserable cunts, but we’ll do our best to be sociable.


Is it still a quiz nite?