Relegation Run In

Using maths someone has created projections for the end of the season and each team’s likeliest finishing position. Despite our weighting showing 18th the most likely place, there are 2 teams who are even more likely to finish 18th so we (apparently) will finish 16th. Added a poll, place your bets.

  • 19th
  • 18th
  • 17th
  • 16th
  • 15th

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Stats can be used as a comfort blanket or a hammer, where is the stat to say we’re shite and we’ve employed a failure?

Really hope the West Ham game goes ahead with any closed door.

Is our best chance to drag them into the scrap in a toxic atmosphere using new manager bounce

I’ve been doing the score predictor here and I’ve got us 1 point ahead of Palace on the last day of the season

Palace are playign West Brom at home
We’re home to City!

Guess what, we end up in 18th, 2 pts behind Palace.

And maths to predict football matches? Really? Really?

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I can’t see any other outcome than relegation now. Once you have accepted this into your heart you find a kind of peace.


I accepted this a long time ago, the clappers will eventually come to same conclusion as myself albeit later as they also probably believe in god and Father Christmas.


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I like your thinking Fats. A bit of reverse psychology. Expect the worse now and you wont be disappointed. If we do manage to scrape enough points to stay up - bonus!

But you haven’t found any peace, which is a shame for everyone.


Don’t do this to yourself. Accept our fate and be at peace.


I accepted our fate as we’re Southampton and we’ve always been shite, it won’t stop me loving the badge but hating the players who are passing through though, modern football just doesn’t have the passion or Southampton certainly doesn’t, we’ll take our relegation like good little boys because we’re good little boys.

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You know most of us have been here quite a few times. The worst part of it of course is the lack of entertainment in a season where we’re not playing well. How many great escapes have we been through…quite a lot and a few that ended in relegation of course.

If we stay up we will yet again try to compete in the lop-sided League where the top 6 rotate the honours and have no chance of being relegated while the rest of us fight for scraps from the table. Staying up means another unseemly expenditure of bloated TV revenues on unworthy players whilst your academy talent is farmed out to teams down the leagues.

I don’t mind going down spending a season or two out of the sordid limelight having a bit of fun watching Saints win games again and maybe having the satisfaction of bringing through some of our own players to fill the gaps left by the mercenaries who no doubt will jump ship on relegation.

Whatever happens, bring it on. I’ll renew as I have always done…I’ll still be at St Mary’s on a Saturday. :lou_lol:


This proves the players play for money and moves as they’re better than the shite we had in the 90’s, I’d cross the road and shake the hand of them (and have) and have a beer with them but I wouldn’t want to be seen on the same streets as these embarrassing specimens, fucking disgrace.

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People with jobs in ‘doing jobs for money’ shocker!


You fucking prawn sandwich cunt! Football is not a job…it is in the heart. It runs through the veins. It is a passion. A love. A desire. To play for the shirt should be payment enough, you embarrassing specimin.

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Fuck you! Have you seen my specimin? I’m not ashamed of my specimin. Or my prawn cunt sandwich.


Not only have I seen your specimin, I have a vial of your specimin. And you should be ashamed of that. Keep a closer on eye on your seed.

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I rub my seed in my eye every morning.

What do you do?

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I rub your seed in my eye every morning.