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Couldn’t find your other thread of this and too easy to get waylaid here so thought I’d ask: how are the new moggies?

My Sister is got a cat. He’s a right little cunt. I usually am v.good with cats. There is something bout me that cats usually like. Strange cats v.often come up to me in the street + molest my ankles till I reach down and give them the ole tickle behind the ear. I guess I give off a catnip vibe.

But not my sister’s cat! He is a right little cunt! He just sits there looking miserable, and can’t even be tempted with the little cluck-cluck noises and the thing I do when I bend down and hold out my hand pretending like I’ve got food. And if he’s ever passing + you reach down and pat his neck or whatever, he goes fucking mental. He’s a right little cunt! Just wanted to get that off my chest. Not all cats is Quality. We call him Alpine Cat.


I have many pussies, in fact I am Pussy galore. Here is latest pussy with his older half-sister :-


Here is other pussy that is sister to big pussy in photo above

She is stupid queen, she is sleeping in upturned dolls cot!!

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Maybe he’s one of those cats that can smell something wrong

ps: feel free to print off a large version of the new emoji for the back of your car :lou_wink:


Poor Bear. :lou_sad:

Poor cat, being felt-up and teased by da Bear every five mins.

It must be like backstage at Top of the Pops.