Redknapp runs over own wife

Should have let Rosie drive.

Harry Redknapp’s wife was seriously injured when she was run over by a Range Rover driven by the former football boss.

Witnesses described seeing Sandra Redknapp, 69, get her coat caught under the car as her husband pulled away.

The Sun newspaper reported Mrs Redknapp “yelling in pain” as she fell to the ground in Poole Road, Bournemouth.

The wife of the former Tottenham Hotspur manager was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after the “freak accident”.

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Hope she’s alright.

BTW is the hospital treatment tax deductable?


Wonder how much life assurance Harry had taken out on her?

Hope she makes a full recovery though.

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how do you get your coat caught under a range rover?

Quite easily if she’s worth more dead than alive…



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Aparrently she was carrying out it’s annual service underneath the car. The old duffer comes out…can’t see her anywhere and drives off.

Brings a whole new dimension to the term “wheeler dealer”.


If only it had been the other way round.


She’s pretty old. I reckon she’d struggle to drag a Range Rover underneath her.


Direct quote from Saggy. “Sandra went across the road and unfortunately she had gone behind the car to cross over the road andas I went to drive of I drove over her ankle.”

Call me old fashioned but when I “drive off” I usually drive staright ahead. If she was behind the car how did he manage to drive over her ankle unless he reversed?



I got several brownie point this evening after pointing out to my wife I would NEVER run over her ankle.

If you’ve never considered telling your partner that, I suggest you go and tell them now.

…nor their coat.

Presumably Rover is the name of the culprit.


Just been reading Bill Bryson’s latest book and one of the 12 or so things anybody should be able to loathe without reason is Harry Redknapp.

Chapter 12 page 219