🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Recruitment of new members

So as Steve has decided to move SaintsWeb to a pretty shit new site, there is a lot of frustration amongst the current members.

It may be worth those of you that still have logins there to start a recruitment drive…


Call out the guard dogs ( BAZZAAAAA! ) and pull up the drawbridge.
We didn’t fight endless relegation campaigns to give in that easily.


Is AlpineSaint still there? We could do with another miserable cunt to keep Barry company.


They’d happily pay their £5 and a shit site to keep away from the shit banter on here, all this site done is condense the Southern museli eaters and nation haters into one echo chamber…

There’s some decent people left on that site mind, that would certainly contribute to this site. Not many, mind.


Are they still having problems?

Steve has my sympathy, it’s not easy scaling servers when you’re counting your ca$h with the other hand.

What you may not know Shirty, is that prior to the founding of Sotonians, Steve Grant and pap carved up the Saints-forum-dweller demographic during an early evening all-you-can-eat sitting at Kuti’s in town.

It was decided that we would take the funny ones, the intellectuals, the faux-intellectuals and the Eastern European prostitute killer(s) and Steve would keep… the rest.

They divided a city like it was Berlin.

A red and white curtain fell to remind us of our differences and Steve in the East chose to try to scale PHP and make a profit whilst we in the West paid for Ruby from our own pockets and never get enough people to break our servers.

With those engrained differences, how would we attract them?

Plus they’re all cunts.


I don’t like muesli.

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Me neither…like sweepings off a carpenter’s floor…discuss. :lou_lol:

I just looked at the new site and on the face of it, it seems a bit of an improvement. The last one was pony, with a report from an Arsenal game from a few years ago as the “latest news”.


pretentious much?

Do we need to incorporate?

We could get Stu Romsey Saint out of retirement. The gammy eyed cunt.


I read the thread in swf and Grant reckons that they weren’t making enough money to cover the server charges. They must have a lot of people not renewing subscriptions because there were thousands on there paying £5 each.

Not for a long time - Glasgow/Heisenberg/ITK personas put a lot of people off and they never really recovered properly.

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What are they even using? Looks and feels very similar to Discourse.

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Never mind. They’re using something called Invision.

As to the question on offer, I’m not super-arsed. I think most people that I’d want over here already have accounts over here; they just don’t visit frequently.

Also, I don’t want to upset Granty too much. Things were left okay with him at the West Ham away all those years ago. He’s also going out with one of my mates now.

More than anything else, I don’t know what goes on over there. Today is the first time I’ve looked in literally years. You also ask to ask yourself if people would moan here too.

We’re not competing with other football forums anymore. We’re competing with Facebook groups and Twitter feeds and Reddit, things people are already signed up to.

It was the unmoderated racism that stopped me posting there. All forums have their share of idiots, it’s just SWF seemed to have all of them.


For me it was the legions of Bazzers on match days.


I fucking made that gaff as I do here, my rapier wit and one liners are some of the 80’s latest gags.

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