:real: Real Madrid youngster


What happened to that young real Madrid player that we were rumoured to be signing. I think we were linked last season.

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I don’t know the rumour you’re talking about. You got any more details?


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Are you thinking about Martin Ottengatd(?)


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If it’sMartin Ødegaard you mean, he’s at Real Sociedad and would have been a wonderful signing. Alas, we’ll have to look elsewhere :frowning:

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No this guy was only 16 I think. Was in real Madrid youth teams and apparently decided to sign for us. It was mentioned on saintsweb last year. I’m afraid that is all I can recollect


It’s ok. Just like in Gotham City when they need answers, we shine the Matt Symbol at the nights sky.


@Matthew-Le-God, who is the Real Madrid youngster that @Upsidedownsaint is referring to?

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I’ve found it. His name is Pedro lubamba. https://readsouthampton.com/2018/07/07/southampton-reportedly-looking-to-sign-real-youngster-pedro-paulo-lubamba/

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It appears he went to benfica instead


Who seem to produce really good young players for the really big clubs.


Will be interesting to see if he is a name we hear in the future. A lot of 15 year olds fall by the wayside - and also interesting (but not surprising) that he didn’t make the grade at Real.


Some of us are old enough to remember when Jack Stephen’s was worth all our spare cash…

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Welcome upsidedownsaint. Are you down under or a vampire?


Hey goatboy I am indeed down under


We’ve got a few of your ilk on here.

Next question…

Who are you supporting in the ashes (we have Saints fans who support Australia here - don’t we @OzSaintDave)?


Sacrilege. England only. Nothing better than rubbing in an England win. They go surprisingly quiet


The name gives away eh?
Want to see a simple game between bat and ball :wink:

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who could forget the great ashes series in the summer of '84?


Burn em! Remember, no one’s on fire :rofl::rofl: