Schneiderlin has failed to make the France squad. This somewhat lances his personal theory that moving to a bigger club would get him more internationals.

Could we?

Should we?


are you asking whether we should try and re-sign him? If so, don’t be ludicrous.


That is precisely what I’m asking. He wouldn’t be the first player to decide the grass wasn’t greener in a bigger stadium. Most of the “cast offs” we get from Chelsea find that out.

There are doubts on Wanyama’s long term future. Schneiderlin could come back here and be the main man instead of a failed experiment.

btw, everyone is allowed to be ludicrous on this site :lou_sunglasses:


I think “doubts about wanyama’s long term future” is a slight understatement. But schneirderlin isn’t going to come back here. He may have carried on for an extra season but don’t forget his twitter crying fit - why would he believe things have changed when he sees Mane and Wanyama go? We couldn’t afford his wages now. I doubt we’d part the sort of fee man Utd would want. There are many reasons why the whole idea is preposterous.


Would we all like Morgan back at Saints?

Yes, absolutely, of course. Maybe a few might not, as he had wanted out, but I expect a fair majority would love to have such a great player back here.

But as Fatso intimates – just because he’s not set the world alight at United – doesn’t mean he would have any intention of coming back to Saints. The blame for Morgan’s lack of progress for me lies with the lunacy of Louis Van Gaal.

It was the perceived “size” of the Club that Morgan felt was holding him back here. He felt that he had outgrown us, and that a player of his calibre should be playing at a really big Club.

Even if we managed to qualify for the Champions League, unless there were no better offers on the table, I very much think that Morgan sees himself at a Club of PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona level standard. And that he’d feel returning to Saints would be a backward step in his career.


LVG could be gone soon in which case it could well be game on for Morgan again.


I would , he won’t


It must be said that I’d not really noticed what Morgan was up to, but Van Gaal seems to have coached the quality out of him.

With his international career ‘on hold’ that move to a big club now looks like a poor decision.

Sadly most footballers are too thick to learn from the mistakes of former colleagues so I’m sure we’ll suffer another Meltdown sometime soon as Mane or Victor go off hunting greener grass.