Ranieri Sacked!

What is that all about? Mental, crazy and stupid.


Surely winning the league gets you at least a one year pass?

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Blimey. Not on the beeb but in enough rags to be convincing.

I guess it’s tough at the top and you’re only as good as your last game. But I expect relegation to be almost a certainty now…

I really hope they go down now.


On BBC now

On the beeb now… twatish decsion from unrealistic owners…

That is safe for work, by the way.


I’ve heard numerous rumours on the football podcasts concerning the state of things at Leicester, including reports that Ranieri is not quite the cuddly persona he does for the cameras. They’re looking to stave off relegation and rescue the Champions League. I reckon they gave him ample time to turn it around. This way, the job still might hold some attraction for an incoming manager.

Mancini in apparently, gutted as I want him to replace our one if we couldn’t get Van Marwijk.

Of course he will be different when managing his players than when he appears on the TV. Everyone has different roles to play, whether it be at work or at home. They may well go down but Raneiri got an average team to win the league and for that he deserves more than the sack 9months later. Imagine the story in years to come when they erect a statue of him - the man who pulled off one the greatest feats of premier league history…sacked the next season. I think it’s a terrible shame.


He has also presided over the worst fall from grace for Champions in Premier League history.

It’s a results driven business. Their results have been terrible and didn’t look like improving.

“It’s a results driven business”

you souless bastard. It’s football, you cunt!


No, it’s not, and we all know it. It has become much more, and to deny that is to deny an understanding of why he eventually went.

Leicester’s owners evidently don’t want a rebuilding season or two in the Championship. They’ve got the right to make that change, and the justification to do it. If the old adage is true, and you’re only as good as your last game, Ranieri hasn’t been good for a bit. I think their board have shown tremendous patience.

Would they get Mancini without the CL thing in the balance? I don’t think so. Is the new bloke going to save them from relegation? Dunno, but they looked doomed under Ranieri.

When we tonked them at St Mary’s on that brisk Sunday morning, they sang:-

“We lose every week. You’re nothing special. We lose every week”.

Funny because it literally became true.

I blame Chapel fuckin’ Katy :lou_lol:

Something had always bothered me about the term “sacked” when managers leave a club

Does they really mean “sacked” as in being made to leave immediately like us mere mortals for something like gross misconduct (e.g. Bearsy being caught downloading porn on the BK WiFi…again).

Or have they been put on a disciplinary / performance improvement plan and failed.

The term just doesn’t sit well with how I understand employment law. I cant just sack someone because I own the company and I just want someone I think is better - I’d be taken to the cleaners.

Good enough to win the Premier League…but not ready as a squad to compete for another title AND The Champions League. We’ve seen how difficult it can be to fight a season on two fronts without a squad with a uniform quality throughout.

A victim of their own success.

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They’ll pay up his contract tho’ so that’ll probably keep them within employment law … just a guess


Fickle fucking football!

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You know we will be on here on Sunday night/Monday morning either…

a) praising the team/club to high heavens celebrating. Season s over and in Europe.

b) fucking moaning that we never win anything and we need to pick up our league form.

Fucking fickle football fans.

Win or lose on Sunday, how many times have you as a saints fan been to Wembly and an iconic European stadium (San Siro ) in the same season? Just epic.