👢 🐰 Ralph Hasenbooted?

Ralph Hasenhuttl on the brink at Southampton

There is a feeling that the club needs change and requires a coach who can help develop a model of younger, developing talents

By Sam Wallace, Chief Football Writer5 October 2022 • 6:16pm

Ralph Hasenhuttl on the brink at Southampton

Ralph Hasenhuttl’s time at Southampton is coming to a close as the club consider the timing of the Austrian coach’s departure.

Hasenhuttl, 55, has survived several setbacks since his appointment by the former Chinese-backed regime in December 2018 and has performed above expectations at times to keep Southampton in the Premier League.

Nevertheless, a change of coach has been on the cards for some time at the club now under the management of Sport Republic, backed by the Serb telecommunications billionaire Dragan Solak.

Southampton face champions Manchester City at the Etihad this weekend, an away fixture in which they secured a well-deserved draw last season. This time the pressure is much more acute with three successive defeats for Southampton and, with another likely, Hasenhuttl’s departure is drawing closer.

Hasenhuttl has proved himself on many occasions to be an adept tactician and capable of pulling off occasional eye-catching victories over much stronger, wealthier opposition. There is a feeling that the club now needs change and requires a coach who can help develop a model of younger, developing talents.

There is still no outright first choice to replace him, although alternatives have been discussed internally.

Southampton have struggled at the start of the season, with just seven points from their first eight games, and while the objective, as ever, is survival there have been some concerning results – including Saturday’s home defeat to Everton.

Their poor end to last season has also been taken into account, after 10 defeats in the final 13 matches. Hasenhuttl survived a summer review of the club’s football operations, with the majority of his backroom staff leaving instead.

Southampton are now run on the football side by the Sport Republic chief executive Rasmus Ankersen, formerly of Brentford, and Henrik Kraft, the chair of the same investment company.

Southampton slipped to defeat at home to Everton at the weekend Credit: REUTERS

Ankersen was responsible for the negotiation of deals over the summer transfer window and Sport Republic recruited Joe Shields from Manchester City’s academy as head of their senior team recruitment programme. At the end of last season, the Sport Republic ownership sacked all three of Hasenhuttl’s key assistant coaches – Craig Fleming, Kelvin Davis and Dave Watson – and installed their own coaching team to work with the manager.

There is an acceptance that Hasenhuttl has not always had the support around him that might have been expected for a Premier League manager because of the change at the club. He was appointed and supported by former sporting director Ross Wilson who later left for Rangers. He was then given the full backing of the chief executive Martin Semmens while the club was in the process of being sold by former Chinese owner Gao Jisheng.

As a result of the changes Southampton have been through, many of those who backed Hasenhuttl originally are no longer in the key decision-making positions.

Hasenhuttl has occasionally struggled to connect with players away from the training pitch, and that has been an issue – especially for those who have not been part of his plans. The club would also accept that he has had to contend with limited scope for recruitment.

Managing relationships within the club with players and key staff will be vital for the new manager, who will have to work within the Southampton development system. The signing of young players, with scope to improve, such as Romeo Lavia, Gavin Bazunu, Armel Bella-Kotchap and Joe Aribo has thus far been vindicated by individual performances, if not the results of the team. Southampton are unable to compete with wealthier rivals in the league.

Rumour I heard is his No2 will get the job

If that happens then I’ll be getting the plastic sheets out.

He is only 10/1 to be the next Leicester Manager

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I hope this is nowhere close to being true

Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper is a potential candidate to replace Hasenhuttl at St Mary’s.

As its the Mail it probably isnt.

Praise be to Nero’s Neptune! If it can please happen soon, not even a Miracle at Berne this weekend could save him tbf. 92 point lost from winning positions since Ralph in charge! next closest is in the 70’s points bracket. Not good enough

The way this is being played out in the media is not how I would expect the Club (MY Club) to behave. TBH, I don’t know whether we should stick or twist but I do know that something is very wrong at the Club. We can’t buy a win at any level U18, U23, Women… Surely that’s not all down to Raplh ? Whatever happens, I hope it happens quick and we get someone whose going to get hold of this lot and give them a kick up the arse.

What I never understand is that you have a manager (take Steve Cooper) who’s doing an equally crap job in another Club and suddenly we’re clamouring to have him at Saints. Isn’t it about time we did a reset … Even if that means Ralph stays ?

I don’t know, I really don’t but I do know that I’ve not been this despondent about Saints for a long time. Last weekend, I’d even forgotten that we were playing. That’s not like me …


I’m trying to forget we have have a game against Citeh coming up.


If you had forgotten we had a game, that is the summation of the state of the club atm.

I was watching the pundits talk about Wolves and the Large scenario. You know what? Take the team and manager out of the discussion and insert ANY bottom half, struggling club and the echo chamber point are still the same, word for word.

They aren’t educating anyone on anything hey, they just pushing agendas and what-nots.

Somebody within the club has a REAL beef about this and if it has to get to national news levels of complaints, then something is going on that we are not privy too.

Sometimes it’s the better the devil you know but gee whiz, the devil we have is busted!

The players also forgot we were meant to be playing as well.


I’ve only watched one MOTD this season. :frowning:


Isn’t that exactly what we did in the summer? New coaching staff, a lot of deadwood out, 10 new players in.

A lot of the talk (even from Ralph) when discussing the coaching staff changes, was about the players needing/deserving “fresh voices”. Maybe a complete refresh is what was needed and that includes the man who picks the team. Sure, a centre forward who can score more than 6 goals a season wouldn’t have gone a miss either but we all know how that played out.

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Steve Cooper has been on our radar since the Swansea days.
Be careful what you wish for

Should have gone for Eddie Howe last year when he was available, and reportedly very keen to take over at Saints. I read in a few outlets that he turned down a few offers because he was waiting for the Saints job to become available, obviously the Newcastle job was too good to turn down. I know some will baulk because of the Bournemouth connection but he would be a far better choice than anyone else we are likely to be landed with.

Idk if he’s out of our league but good things are often said about Marcelo Gallardo at River Plate - could be quite a Poch-y signing and has a young attacking team :eyes:

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Would we re employ Poch’s interpreter? Or does the ‘no coming back’ clause include him?

Steve Bruce is under fire at West Brom so will be let go before we can the rabbit hutch

just no

Did anyone listen to the press conference? If not, listen to this. Ralph sounded so depressed and utterly crestfallen. So I’m not buying the authenticity of what Adam’s been told. Not doubting him or the legitimacy of his source, but I just don’t believe the message.

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What was the message ?