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Who always has the radio on in their house regardless? Am I the only the one or is it normal, have the telly on but have to have the radio on in the back, just love noise I suppose.


anything to drown out the mrs i spose.

But no, I don’t even own a radio. I’ve never seen someone listen to radio & tv at same time either! I’m not sure that’s normal. No wonder you can’t think straight!

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Since I was nine, a long break with it when music got really shit in the late 80s.

I listen to Radio 4 on the way in and out of work every day.

I like to know what lies they’re telling.

I also consider podcasts to be a sort of radio on demand.

I have five live and bbc two on, the older I get the more I love the radio, relaxing, glass of wine out the back on the patio, screaming children dog going apeshit and wife screaming blue murder…

Breaker Breaker that’s a big 10.4 buddy.

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I had to turn radio 5 over today because they’ve been doing live broadcasts from Manchester since the minute of the explosion. It’s wholly unnecessary. I turned to Alan Brazil in talksport just in time to catch him proffer his insight into big Sam’s resignation. He said that he knew that Sam knew one of the people who died in the Manchester attack and that he thinks it had all got too much for Sam, so he resigned.

Oh do fuck off Alan, you fat mental twat.


You really are missing out Bearsy. I love all those local radio features when they ask you to send in pictures and videos of your pets in funny situations. I could sit there all day listening to them laugh at all those cute fluffy antics. :lou_lol:

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Radio 5live if there’s footie on and I’m cooking, otherwise it’s Planet Rock.

Radio 4 on sleep mode last thing at night.

I really miss Birdsong Radio from a few years back. Would have that on almost 24/7

Sorry @bearsy i downvoted you whilst scrolling. I’ll upvote everything else you post today.

If i can be bothered(doubtful). Sorry.

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anyone who upvotes this post thinks theresa may is sex on legs.


Callous bastard.


I haven’t closed my eyes since we talked about her last night, I’m scared that when I open them again she’ll be there, talking about Brexit. Getting tired though. Bazza making me research Muslims has worn me out. Not sure how long I can hold out, haven’t seen @steveintheforest for a while, Theresa must have got him. Getting tired now, just a few seconds to rest my eyes…


That was an excerpt from Radio 4’s new thriller, entitled ‘A Nightmare in Downing St’.


The stations I have bothered to preset in my car radio are:

Absolute 90s, I like this one, it takes me back, I can only get it in Birmingham tho

Radio 4Xtra, I turn this on & quite often it is Hancock Half Hour or Yes Minister or something like that and I keep listening. If it is a radio play about a woman who lives with her dog and collects daffodils, I turn over.

Planet Rock, 6Music, RadioX, Radio 1, Kiss, I have all these as main presets on the front screen so people see them and think I listen to credible music, but I don’t ever listen to them.

Heart, Magic, Absolute 80s I listen to these sometimes, till Simply Red or something awful like that comes on.

TalkSPORT: When I want to hear bros talk about football I listen to this, unless it’s some absolute cretin on like fkn Adrian Durham and fkn Darren Gough, then I change over to

TalkSPORT2: And I listen to this, unless it’s some absolute cretin on like fkn Mike Parry.

Radio 5 Live: I listen to this sometimes if I am driving on Friday pm and Mayo & That Guy are doing Films

UCB: This is baby jesus radio. I find it v.interest & uplifting & laughable. Here’s the weather, baby jesus has brought you sunshine! Unless ur in Leeds. He’s got you rain, you must have been Naughty.

Some Asian Stations: These were preprogrammed for some reason + I can’t figure how to get rid of them

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Theresa May has me locked in a cold dark cellar and is force feeding me Smooth FM.

To Red Cross … please send cigarettes


Barry, that isn’t a radio in the background, it’s the voices telling you to do things…

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Yes they’re saying rallyboy is a massive tit.

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Some good news :smile:

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With you on birdsong and also waves on a beach.

Got me through many a long haul flight those did.

When I get back to UK love Radio 1 in the car. Simply because I hear so much new and real music on there. Our radio here is stuck in a pretentious 1990 local radio time warp with all the DIs earning £100 a week dreaming of being DLT or Simon Bates or God save us Chris Evans

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Your lucky Philippine radio has just got to 1984 and U2 is on loop with an occaisional Belinda Carlisle song.