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Good to see the Clacton audience questioning to why the fuck tax payers subsidise London and its citizens, make the fuckers pay their own way.

Decent opening gambit … Keywords “Clacton” “Tax” and “London” Good stuff mate

Tis all true, if London were so wealthy why does it need to be subsidised?

Who is subsidising London?

UK Tax payers, for instance transport cost per annum per person were stated as £800 in London and £200 in Clacton (if I heard that correct), why? Why is there such an imbalance?

Because you made those figures up mate

Are you watching QT?

And I can give you many others on London being subsidised.

Go for it

Transport, brain drain, education, public spending in general, tax returns are a crude way as the South East has huge differentials in wages, bonus and living standards.

You’re of course right on all things. The South East doesn’t have a huge differential. Houses and cost of living are easier

That is a different discussion, taxpayers subsidy is nothing to do with house prices. Other than house/land prices what else is more expensive? Little.

Who paid for crossrail?

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She paid for it.

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Hmmm. I must check my pay slip as obviously I get away with paying no tax. Hurrah! That’s why I moved to the big smoke.

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Braindrain is a part of the argument, balancing the economy also.

Figures can be massaged anyway you want them.

…especially when they’re four years out of date.

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I like massaging figures preferably 36 24 36


There’s a whole thread for telling Barry he’s right :lou_wink_2:

There’s still little change