Interesting old situation in Qatar. As our man in the Middle East, @dubai_phil has reported, a number of nations have turned their back on Qatar, citing financing of terrorism as the reason for their blockade. All flights from those nations were cancelled. There’s a sort of blockade going on. The Iranians are actually doing a modern day Berlin airlift to keep the nation afloat.

Before we guffaw at the notion of Saudi Arabia being affronted that _other _nations finance terrorism, I reckon there are some wider questions to consider.

What exactly has Qatar done to earn this censure?

Is this a result of Russian intrigue? (almost everything is these days)

What are the implications for Turkey’s relationship with the West? Erdogan has called the blockade inhumane.


Whose side has May’s “Government” decided we’re on?

Given the arms deals that could be at stake for backing the wrong side I’d suggest Saudi Arabia.



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When I have verified stories and background I will post links on the fighting terror thread.

Suffice to say that Gulf News has in depth stories context. More specifically research The Muslim Brotherhood via previously released UK official secrets act going back to the 1950’s to last releases in late 80’s. They have been quoted here.

The decision on Qatar was taken by a number of Nations. I concur with it.


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I never realised that Arabian golf was such a dangerous game.


It has buggered up the daughters R&R time as they cannot now meet.

One is working in Abu Dhabi and the other is living in Doha working for Qatar Airways. Flights only affected to the blockading countries so she says.


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Al Jazeera, then?

Remember that documentary “The Lobby” they did a while ago? That can’t have been helpful to objectives in the region.




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