🇷🇺 Putin and Russia's pensions

The reality is they’re broke. Good.

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And you take pleasure from this why, exactly?

Just showing Putin for what he is.

The same as every other UK and US politician to be fair…


No, cronyism and the plundering of the state is on a whole new level.

What’s this new level then?

Red Dawn mode?

Pfft, 380 million? That’s just petty cash, minor league compared with the tens of billions our government have doled out to various cronies, family friends, drinking buddies, ex schoolmates and other various chancers. Public money too, owned by all, hived off to a few. You should save your outrage for closer to home.


I was going to bring up the “covid contracts” this morning as well, and the HS2 contracts, and the NHS contracts and the “any politician not just Conservative” contracts but I thought it’d fall on deaf ears.

@Barry-Sanchez there are many things wrong with Russia, as there are many things right with Russia, but this is not one that you’re going to convince us that Russia is Bad Hmkay

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Go on name them then.

They’re not communist though, Putin is a hyper nationalist and capitalist.

I suggest you check out,‘The Good law Project’, who are currently in the process of building a case to sue the government for corrupt practices. Here’s something to be going on with.

Corruption isn’t cronyism though, Putin is a legend at it, also this is a classic case of whataboutery, this is a Putin thread and you throw in that twat and the tories, I am hardly going to disagree they’re cunts am I?

It can be.

It doesn’t have to be.

If you think cronyism is something we red blooded Brits would not engage in, you’re sadly mistaken. Just look at the front bench.

We love a bit of it but that isn’t what I posted, whataboutery, you’re on the wrong thread son and stick to topic.

That’s a bit rich coming from you nipper :roll_eyes:

See, I don’t think anyone has actually disagreed with your point! All we’re saying is that it’s nothing exceptional to Russia so why single them out?

I think Russia is his wanking material and this is simply a means of hiding in plain sight.


Ooh. Ooh. Check out those Urals. Ooh ooh. Volgograd. That used to be Stalingrad, you know. Ooh ooh. Putin in a lycra tank top.

etc, etc.