PUEL v The Toffees

PUEL v The Toffees


Interesting possibilities


1 nil Puel … amazing quick counter attack shredded Everton


Leicester look right up for this.

Watching that goal for Vardy just underlines how ponderous we are in transition.

I really thought I’d go back to being neutral towards Everton once Koeman was sacked, but it turns out I still want them to lose.



When I was 15 I played for a men’s team called Transfrig in Gosport and we used to wear a kit like Everton’s.

It was supposed to be all white but the shorts had faded more than the top.

And it stank.

The socks were particularly evil.


Oh dear oh dear oh dear…young Everton full-back gives Leicester a two goal lead with this weekend’s comedy own-goal.


2 nil now to Clueless


It a really nasty kit to be sure … remember their camouflage green one a couple of years ago :lou_smiley:


This one might be worse mind


Gosport? GOSPORT? That’s suspiciously near Portsmouth isn’t it? And you played for a men’s team there. I am having difficulty getting my head around this, given your senior position on this forum.


Up the Trannies!


No need for this stuff on here :slight_frown:


So underage @saintbletch used to hang out with a load of older guys who wore vulgar styles and called themselves trannies?..that’s a shocking revelation.

Next week we discover that John Inman never married.


TransFrig…I took to mean they were sponsored by a Scandinavian cold distribution and logistics co… just goes to show we can learn something new everyday


I used to play for ACDCFC…we wore pink and played rough.


The refs were back in black in those days.


Hell’s bells, this thread has gone awry.


It will be interesting to see how Leicesters season pans out.


Their season and Claude’s future will sadly be decided not by the boss or the coaching, but by player power.

They’ve chucked the last two managers under the bus when they haven’t fancied it, I’d be surprised if they can cobble together ten games without slipping back into those ways.


I’ll have you know that the older guys used to pay my subs because I couldn’t afford them.

True story.

How kind was that?

They didn’t even want that much in return.

Before you scoff, being paid to play actually made me semi-pro.


Corrected it for you @saintbletch

No charge :wink: