PS4 Gaming party teenage disputes which I don't understand and is causing my son to be sad


I’m hoping someone can offer some help to me as my son is kicking off and I think there may be a technical solution to what seems to be a spat amongst his mates.

We get on great normally and we have a big connection with Saints. He’s normally really mature for 14, but has ADHD and struggles to cope with frustration and sometimes loses his temper big time over seemingly trivial matters. So, if I can find solutions to his frustrations, I prefer this to going down the sanctions route. FWIW, sanctions have been imposed.

So, as far as I can figure out, he and his mates (‘real life’ ones) play games in a ‘party’ on their PS4s. I know them all and they, like him are sound. However, one of them took umbrage about something and blocked him and this caused him to be excluded from the ‘party’.

So far, normal teenage spat. However, he can’t get re-instated to the party, even though I believe his friend has removed the block (He gets the message “You are not allowed to join this party”).

So, does anyone know if there’s a trick to fixing this? I think he tried to set up a new party, but the other guys couldn’t leave the game as they were too far into it.

I’m sure they’ll get over the argument, but he of course feels excluded by his mates as he can’t join in the online game again. Causing more frustration and more sanctions.

Plenty of discussion topics to have about multi player online teenage zombie killing, but I think they all want to fix up the situation, but simply don’t know how.

Any tips?


Beyond Googling and going by their instructions, no.

Get them to check.

What the fuck has happened with lads these days, btw? This would have been sorted with a quick fucking hiding back in my day.


Do you mean me giving him a hiding, or him giving his mate a hiding? The former’s impossible as he’s been able to slap me down for the last 5 years, even when I was fitter than now.

As for the latter, well, I agree. He’d have to run a couple of miles and dish it out. But they are really good mates, and his mate’s mum is basically a second mum to my lad. I’m sure they’ll sort it out tomorrow at school (term just started after summer hols), but the crisis occurs coz of the online thing, he’s too wound up to try and discuss what his mate’s beef is, and obviously can’t see he may be at fault. A few punches would sort it out, I’m sure, then they’d be pals again.

Thank’s for the link, seems the key thing might be to re-friend each other, rather than simply unblock,


Hope it all gets sorted.