:saints: :pompey_city: Promotion or Another Season in the Championship

Now that :pompey_city: have been promoted how do we feel about promotion this season?

Do we want another season in the Championship so that we can have El South Coastico (sic.) or do we want to go up to have another season of angst and pain the Premier League??

I want us to be promoted I never want us to play the fishy fuckers again unless its a cup tie and we hammer then.
Let them have one season in the Championship and pray they get relegated back to non league like Luton did, but they dont ever go back up.

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With the Disney money behind them I doubt if that’ll ever really happen!!

Any “System” that doesn’t want to be promoted needs it’s head examined.

Any “System” that doesn’t want to be promoted just so we can play those cunts, needs to be switched off. Permanently.

If we don’t get up then half of our first choice team will leave thr club and next season will be a lot harder


THB, Downes, Fraser, Rothwell and Brooks are all on loan. Che’s contract runs out this summer, as does Stuey’s. I can’t see KWP staying for another season if we don’t go up.

If we’re still in the C’ship next season, the manager is going to have to deal with one hell of a rebuild.

When we fell down to L1 and were skint, we had Academy players who, instead of going out on loan, got their learning in with us.
Assuming we stay down, the kids will have to get us up, they have talent, but it’s probably a year early for them.

But we’re going to find out obviously

Original question.

I’d love to stay down. We haven’t seen Saints play like this with such total domination for like ever!

It is a thing of breath taking beauty, football as it is supposed to be played.

Impossible in the EPL. and yes it has been fun but this was enough

(But Fuck VAR)


Caught up with an old colleague earlier who is a Pompey fan. He’s fallen out of love with them a bit - even given up his season ticket, so isn’t jumping for joy. Thinks they’ll most struggle next season.