Pro Kabaddi

So anyone seen any of this bizarre sport? I’ve caught a few matches on Sky Sports recently. Kind of a playground game cross between tag and wrestling. Not quite got all the rules and technicalities down pat yet, but strangely watchable.


I watched it in 1989 when channel 4 was skint, how do you know they aren’t cheating?


I remember those days - Kabaddi and Aussie Rules football - spent many a Saturday morning (I think…) watching both (usually still pissed from theme night before, so they were both probably worse than I remember)


I remember they used to show it on Channel 4 many years ago. If I recall correctly players aren’t allowed to breathe in while they’re in the ring (I’ll call it that altough I’m sure it’s got a proper name), hence they repeat the word ‘Kabaddi’ over and over to show that they’re not breathing in.

I enjoyed watching it for a while, but I think it’s one of things that many people will lose interest in once the novelty value wears off (see also Aussie Rules, Gaelic football, hurling, sumo, etc.). Had no idea that Sky were showing it, I must admit.

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Its just a shit game of tag.