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Wasn’t sure where to post this so hope this is OK. When i log on i see a notice telling me i have unread private messsages. How do i access them?

Give me your login and password and I will post on here. Soviet - Here to help.

click in the little cog thing top right (like a settings thing) 3rd one down is private messages. It will just be more Pap nudes. we all received them.

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Many thanks Tokyo-Saint.

No Pap nudes though! Not sure whether i should feel insulted at being left out! On balance i reckon no nudes is good news though, wouldn’t want to upchuck my lunch!


You didn’t miss much, no big deal.

Quite relieved to report no nudes here either

FFS, you must be looking in the wrong place as I have loads. Top right, setting like cog button, third one down, private messages, message title dic pic for you tokes. Click on that. I am sure everyone would have received this.

There you go corrected it for you.

Happy ending every time.

Just send £5


You’re cheap.

You’d pay more?!


Correction: £5 with gloves.

Don’'t get too excited it’s @cobham-saint … just think Poundland

Don’'t get too excited it’s @cobham-saint … just think Poundlan

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As I said @steveintheforest he’d pay more?!!

Christmas has come early - thanks @nottarf-krap