Pretty please Mr Pep

Do you think that we can write to Pep and ask him to throw the final game of the season if the 3 points meant we stayed up ? It’s all over for them now so it’s got to be worth a punt ! :joy:

They’d have to walk off the pitch to give us any chance. Our players are all snowflakes. And the fans aren’t much better. We’ve been taken for a ride and no one cares. If we were West Ham we would have slashed Les up by now. That’s the only language he’ll understand. Wait for the lily livered liberals on here to claim that theres more to life. There isn’t. Not for proper fans. We couldn’t even win a game that was gifted to us.


You’re right…I’ve slit my wrists and I’m bleeding into the bath as I sit sipping a Novichok cocktail with my testicles wired to a 3 pin plug drifting away to the strains of Dave Dee, Dozey, Mick and Titch singing the traquil ditty Zabacrap.

Goodbye cruel world. :lou_sad:


A real fan would have put their balls in les’ face before calling it a day. Typical of the clappers on here.