:pl: ⚽ Premier League, final day of 2021/22 season

Well, here we are. By 6pm we’ll know who’s won the title, who’s been relegated and which clubs are in Europe next season. None of which affects the Saints, which is good/bad depending on one’s point of view and expectations.

I assume most of us would like to see City take the title, or perhaps more accurately Liverpool not to. So on that note…

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Apparently Villa get £18 mil if Grealish wins the league with City.

That’s not a conflict of interests :smiley:

I wonder if anyone has approached Stevie G. “Ralph will give you a nine-nil. If you lose today, we’ll go halves and give you nine mil!”

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Pilfered from my own FB:

Final day of the Premier League season. For the sake of my last-born and the other lifelong Reds in the house, I hope Liverpool win.

However, because of my turncloak first-born , who I lovingly took to League One Saints games and started supporting Da Reds when they started winning, I hope Liverpool lose.

Mixed feelings.

Liverpool 0-1 Wolves 3mins


City look like they mean business today.

What are the black armbands for this time?

Thats the only game I can find on Filipino TV

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Does that really merit black armbands?

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Think it’s the anniversary of the Manchester arena bomb.

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Chelsea 1-0 Watford

Jesus is the new Sterling.

Saints are playing as well…

Norwich 0-1 Spurs

Indeed. Prowsey effort turned away by the keeper…



Burnley concede a penalty whilst Leeds have a goal disallowed by VAR for offside.

Burnley currently going dfown.

Leeds score…but VARd out.


Liverpool 1-1 Wolves

Liverpool will win today. Hopefully so will City, but Liverpool will win today.

Arsenal take the lead through a penalty, but it’ll probably be academic.

Dead cert.