Predict the starting eleven - :saints: Saints v Liverpool :liverpoolfc:

:saints: v :liverpoolfc:

Right, Hutch and a vomiting Hojbjerg threw us a curve-ball last week. Questions remain though.

  • Does Kev “Big Ted” Danso(n) start?
  • Does Vestergaard suffer from vertigo or some dizzyness-inducing inner ear infection that causes his head to spin if he looks to the sky?
  • Is Jack Stephens a footballer?
  • Will Djenepo get the nod?
  • Will Bletch remember to close the poll before the official starting eleven is released?

These and other questions will be answered…

  • 1 - McCarthy
  • 28 - Gunn
  • 41 - Lewis
  • 44 - Forster
  • 2- Cedric
  • 3 - Yoshida
  • 4 - Vestergaard
  • 5 - Stephens
  • 6 - Hoedt
  • 21 - Bertrand
  • 31 - Ramsay
  • 35 - Bednarek
  • 38 - Danso
  • 43 - Valery
  • 45 - McQueen
  • 11 - Elyounoussi
  • 12 - Djenpo
  • 14 - Romeu
  • 16 - Ward-Prowse
  • 17 - Armstrong
  • 18 - Lemina
  • 19 - Boufal
  • 22 - Redmond
  • 23 - Hojbjerg
  • 30 - Slattery
  • 7 - Long
  • 9 - Ings
  • 10 - Adams
  • 20 - Obafemi
  • 25 - Carillo

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Really struggling to think how we’ll line up.

In the end I thought he’d play Ings against his old club and keep Adams on the bench for more steel and work-rate in midfield.

@Simon-says, I think you’ve been hacked, or drugged.

Interesting team selection.

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Didn’t bother, just picked who i want to play and my selection has four fast attackers.
They’re knackered after Wednesday so go at them from the start and if Danso is as quick in the tackle as Bednarek we might get a draw😁

Nope. Just keeping the rest fresh for a game we have a prayer in :sob:

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In all seriousness we will go…

Gunn, Valery, Bednarek, Vestergaard, Stephens, Bertrand, Romeu, PEH, JWP, Redmond, Adams

Not saying that’s what I’d pick, but that’s what I predict will happen.

I’m not overly confident about this one to be fair.

Was having some beers earlier with a Pompey mate of all people, but got to chatting about the 6-3 win over Utd in 96/97. We finished a point above the bottom 3 and Utd won the league. Those sort of results don’t really happen anymore and the gulf between the top six and the rest really has become quite the chasm. Ignoring all the noise about them being tired, I fear this game will show this gap quite well.

Hope I’m wrong :crossed_fingers:t3:

What does Ralph see that i’m missing?

As I say, not what I’d pick. I’d have looked to move him on in the summer. He is a liability for me and I’ve never felt comfortable with him nor seen what others have in his potential. I think there’s a bit of romanticism because of his academy promotion (I know we bought him from Plymouth or somewhere) that buys him more time with some quarters.

But Ralph knows best and I accept that if nothing else.

I think his contract is far too rich for his ability, so we’re not going to get rid easily.
But why he’s allowed to cost us points weekly is beyond me. Ralph’s good, but no one’s that good and Ralph doesn’t come across as a vain idiot with something to prove.
I don’t understand the conundrum that is Stephens and i’ll be thankful when the club follow suit and get rid of the liability.

What does this picture suggest?

We’re only going to field 9 players?
Bit risky in my opinion.

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If you zoom in and count the legs you can just make out 10 outfield players and Hutch sitting in the Texas book depository.

Oh yeah, my mistake.
We’re going to see how we get on without a goalie then.
Is the idea to save him from the trauma?


Having problems identifying the players by their arses in that pic. Maybe @tigger could help.


I was one out. Yoshida in for Stephens.

wouldn’t like to give you an unfair advantage

Ah, must be time for me to vote on our starting line up…

Did anyone predict it correctly.

Too hungover to tell at the moment.