⚽ Predict the Starting Eleven - :brightonfc: Brighton v Saints :saints:

Right, a cup game so Hughes might really shake it up here like, well, exactly like he does in the league.

In creating the list below, I was conflicted as to whether he might give SuperSaint a start and bring SammySaint on at H/T.

Anyway, you know the rules. Pick the eleven players, in whatever formation you feel Hughes will go for, and if you get it spot-on you will win either a caravan or a motorboat (badge).

  • MCarthy
  • Gunn
  • Forster
  • Soares
  • Yoshida
  • Vestergaard
  • Hoedt
  • Bertrand
  • Stephens
  • Targett
  • Bednarek
  • McQueen
  • Valery
  • Jones
  • Davis
  • Romeu
  • Ward-Prowse
  • Armstrong
  • Lemina
  • Redmond
  • Højbjerg
  • Reed
  • Elyounoussi
  • Hesketh
  • Long
  • Austin
  • Ings
  • Gabbiadini
  • Gallagher

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I predict 11 useless, overpaid sacks of shite will start.

Don’t think anyone is gonna top that prediction.

What’s my prize?

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Be right back…

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Well played

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I thought I’d take a look at @Cobham-Saint predictions, for a laugh but he hasn’t made any. Come on CS, give us all a giggle.

There you go…

Enjoy @Fatso

You’ve just copied the big boys

@Fatso’s right, @Cobham-Saint.

But be careful, we don’t have any inside knowledge - just much better judgement about football in general.

I have put MCarthy Gunn and Forster in my team we are having rush goalie.

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Yeah. that’s right @Fatso, because you know everything, don’t you?



SIlly @Map-Of-Tasmania, Reed has gone on a season long loan to Blackburn!!

BTW @saintbletch I’d admire the admin you’ve got to do on this behind the scenes. Collating what people have selected from that list is a bit not easy…

Luckily the average Sotonians member knows so little about football that they do something like put Reed in their team (surely nobody does that?)

Or Hughes throws such a curve ball at us (starting Long) that it makes checking it easy because nobody saw it coming.

I think the caravan and motorboat badges could be safe all season.

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Gentlemen, My premise for including Reed was that if he is at Blackburn he wont be contributing to our woes… I consider this genius

OK a few more minutes to predict the starting eleven.

Here’s how it stands at the moment*


Soares   Vestergaard   Yoshida   Targett

    Ward-Prowse             Romeu 

Hesketh        Armstrong      Elyounoussi



  1. I have no idea if this is accurate but I tried to go in order of selection and place the most popular players in their most likely positions.
  2. I tried to set the team as 4-4-2 but when I got to Armstrong, I decided he’d play central attacking midfielder and so we’d go with one striker
  3. Hesketh and Elyounoussi both appear to prefer to play on the left but they were the most popular picks for side players.
  4. Don’t sue me

Tonight’s Line-up

OK, if you believe you predicted the starting line-up correctly, let me know below.

I’m going to say that nobody came close. Only @lifeintheslowlane picked Bednarek, but he didn’t see Stephens slipping in at right-back.

Well in my defence I picked Stephens
At right back
In our krews WhatsApp group

Me too, better than Cedric, that lad is proper shit.

I think I went


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